Kennedy Consulting - Careers

KCI, a JMT Company, is very committed to providing our clients the greatest expertise on every project. We can only accomplish this by identifying, recruiting, and nurturing an outstanding staff of professionals. We look for individuals who will help us expand our capabilities and reputation, continue to be a successful company, and join the core of a growing business.

KCI has a friendly work environment where we believe in accessibility to senior managers and corporate leaders, support of employees in their efforts to expand their training, mentoring of new employees by more experienced personnel, and encouragement of efforts to develop new business lines.

Our employees work together toward mutual goals so the benefit of teamwork is maximized.

Overview - Your Career

Before beginning a career at KCI, there are two important features you should know about our firm. First, a career at KCI can be very dynamic, and we present many opportunities for our people to thrive. Second, KCI is not for everyone. We encourage you to learn more about our culture and philosophy, our fantastic work environment, and our dedication to client service. Please consider the following as you review whether KCI would be a good match with your personal goals and career objectives.

  • Technical Background:  At KCI, the most common technical background of our employees is civil engineering. A combination of expanding your technical expertise, your understanding of sound business principles, and providing project management oversight will be the primary focus of your training. The evolution of your technical, business development, and project leadership skills will begin immediately. With these responsibilities come many consulting challenges, hands-on training, and formal career development.

  • High Expectations:  Our clients have high expectations for us. We have high expectations for ourselves. We like it that way. We are an extra effort firm. The consulting business provides us with many challenges to provide excellent client service. To effectively serve our clients and meet our financial goals, extra effort is required. Our goals are based on 115% effort by our professional staff. This level of effort allows us to meet our client needs without compromising personal priorities.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit:  Your entrepreneurial interests will be encouraged because practice builders are the foundation of our firm. Beginning early in your career, you will be encouraged to think creatively about how you can apply your skills and the skills of the firm to meet the needs of existing and new clients.

Company Benefits

The culture of KCI, a JMT Company, is built on the success of our employee owners. All employees have a vested interest in the business and contribute their knowledge, skills, and abilities to our growth. In return, employees share in the success of the business through their Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

Our employees are our top priority. The culture of respect and appreciation of all employees is also evident in a comprehensive Career Development Program that develops employees in a variety of disciplines.

KCI is now able to offer JMT's comprehensive and generous benefits program and offerings.