Kennedy Consulting - Our Services

KCI, a JMT Company, is a growing consulting engineering firm with an impressive track record established on a diverse range of projects from our core disciplines. We provide superior service while remaining "low maintenance" to the client.

All opportunities to improve the project, without deviating from the intent or constraints, will be considered. Our team implements safe, efficient, and cost-effective solutions that meet the goals and objectives of the client.

Transportation Planning and Design

  • Corridor Planning and Feasibility Studies
  • Route Studies and Schematic Design
  • Public/Stakeholder Involvement
  • Roadway, Hydraulic, and Structural Design
  • PS&E Development
  • Construction Management and Inspection Services

Municipal Planning and Design

  • Public Involvement
  • Street and Thoroughfare Planning and Design
  • Structural Design
  • Water, Sewer, and Drainage Design
  • Construction Management and Inspection Services

JMT Solutions

JMT has more than 40 years of planning, design and construction management experience providing a broad range of capabilities and services to our valued clients. Click here to learn more about JMT's Markets and Services solutions.